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Thread: Newport House School, Harborne

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    Default Newport House School, Harborne

    Newport House School, Harborne, was my first school. I left in 1950 when I was 9, as we moved to Surrey, but I have very happy memories of my time there and would like to find out more about the school. I have posted on the Harborne thread, but wondered if someone on this thread might be able to tell me something about its history and what became of it. I seem to remember it was a two-storey red brick house with a lovely garden, with mostly girls as pupils, though there were a few boys. I know the headmistress was Mrs. Hands, and I think it was close to the Blind Institute, which made some of our school uniform. I donít remember its exact location - somewhere at the top end of Fellows Lane or in Court Oak Road. Looking on the map, I wonder if the Baskerville School could be where it once was. I would love to hear from other former students.

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    The school was at 21 court oak road. I think the blue buildings must have been it. between Lordswood road and Woodville rd. it looks like its been knocked down and a modern (ugly) block of flats built .,337.78,,0,5

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    Thank you so much, Mike, for your quick reply. What an amazing forum! May I ask how you found the address? Does your source show what type of school it was (any church affiliation?) or show a date when it was still in operation? It's sad that it's been pulled down. I hope you don't mind me asking for more info - I'm very grateful for every little bit! Elizabeth

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    First, due to a slip of the fingers, i put 19 court house road. It should have been 21 Court house road. I have corrected that in the original post. the info was from the 1949 kellys directory. the entry is as follows:
    21 Newport House School (Mrs. Ruth Grace Hands .,M.E.S.T. principal), private school

    I'm afraid that is all I know

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    Thank you for the correction and for giving me Mrs. Hands' full name, which could be helpful. Is there a Kellys or other directory for the years before 1946 or after 1950, which might show how long the school was in operation? It's very kind of you to take the trouble, and I'm very grateful for every little piece of information I can gather. Elizabeth

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    It was there in 1936, but not 1933. similarly it was there in 1950, but in 1955-6 listing was just :
    21 Hands Mrs. Ruth Grace B.SC
    So i reckon she must have retired and still lived in the house. By 1962 she was no longer there.

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    Thank you once again, Mike - so it probably lasted less than 20 years. I am trying to write a family history for my grandchildren here in Australia, and was hoping for a few more details or even photos of the schools I went to. Sadly all 3 have been demolished, but I must thank you also for introducing me to the Google satellite and street views - at least I can see where they used to be! One more question – can anyone tell me where I would find some record of this school? I presume some Education Authority would have to register and inspect all private schools – who could I write to or email about it? At least now I have some concrete details, thanks to you, Mike. Elizabeth

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    Talking Re: Newport House School, Harborne

    I have been traveling down memory lane via Google Earth, and in transit found "Newport House School" - Oh, my goodness! Do I ever remember Mrs. Hands!! I was at Newport in 1945-147, when Dad had to transfer to Bolton, then came back and "graduated" in 1953. English private schools, in those days, gave us the equivalent of an American 2nd year college degree, so thanks to Mrs. Hands, when my late husband, daughter and I came to the US [via Canada] in 1960, I was able to get well paying positions with various law firms. Finding Newport House School has brought back many memorys: there used to be a rather exclusive boys school across the road, and a school for the blind down just past Fellows Lane, were I lived [#93]. I hope your memories are as happy as mine? Maureen

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    P.S.: Via "Google Earth" I am able to see Harborne in the 1950's, and all the way back to 1945 ... now that really brings back memories - so many that I would probably fill the computer's memory bank to over-flowing!! My e-map of "home" via Google Earth is covered with special pins showing "#93", "QE Hospital", "Newport House", ad nauseum!!! :-))

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    It was great to get your message, Maureen - thank you so much for replying, and thank you to the forum for finding a fellow student with whom to share memories of happy days at Newport House School. I will write to you privately as I don't think our reminiscences will mean much to anyone else on the forum.

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    Default Re: Newport House School, Harborne

    Talk about long memory lanes!!! Fellows Lane had lovely blackberries on which to nibble on one's way to school, and walnuts, which, thanks to the squirrels, where already broken when they dropped them! It was a good place to walk our dog, Scampy, up to Court Oak Road, turn left towards Queen's Park! Oh, and how high my Dad would push me on the swings!!! I didn't go on the round-about very much because he would push that too fast, and I would get sick!!! e-letter follows

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    Default Re: Newport House School, Harborne

    P.S.: [Wish brain could keep up!] - Liz: Remember Michael Wilby who used to live next-door to us?! :-)

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    I was at Newport House School, Harborne from 1944 - 1952. Have 3 photos - 1 of the staff, 1 of the school pupils in front of the Gym and 1 at Queens Park tennis courts showing 3 girls and 1 boy ( Am I allowed to mention their names? I am new to all this.). Also have 9 school reports- sad but true!
    I also enjoyed my time there and the walk to school from my home, my parents had a shop opposite the Swimming Baths in Lordswood Road.
    The boys school opposite Newport House (well nearly) was Harborne Collegiate School - my 3 brothers went there.
    I now live in Amersham in Buckinghamshire.

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    Default Re: Newport House School, Harborne

    Thank goodness for the "www"! A great way of finding others who also went to Newport House School - and they have photographs!!! WOW! That is one of the great disadvantages of leaving one's home-country - back in the 50's we didn't have enough room to pack such, so many hard-copy memories are now lost. E-meeting LanneB, and others, is wonderful. Thank you all for bringing happy memories back. ...Maureen...

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    Default Re: Newport House School, Harborne

    Great to hear from you, LanneB - alerted to your message by MASTG. We must have been at the school at the same time - I would love to see your photos, if you are able to scan and send them. I have lived in Australia for over 40 years and have no records of my time there - except very happy memories!

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