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Thread: dance halls

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    Trevor, was the Palais de Danse, the one at the top end of Icknield St. The building that became part of Swanbrand (Bulpitts)?

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    palaise de danse monument road.jpg I would have thought it was further up Monument Road towards the Ivy Bush.

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    The building in Icknield Street that is mentioned and which became part of Bulpitts was a cinema: The Palace??? I think.

    The Palais de Dance was in Monument Road. It was situated on the corner of Monument Road and I believe Ingleby Street. Ingleby Street no longer exists as far as I can see but I would place the building roughly where the lay-by bus stop, just before Spring Hill, is presently is situate. During WW2, when it was closed as a dance hall it became a food store so I was told by folks who lived nearby. It certainly did not look an elegant building when I saw it in the 1950's.

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    Hello Maggs, have you looked at #46 and Astonians comments on #47, It was not my side of town until I first married in the early 60s and I never really knew the area.
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    No Trevor I haven't but I will do. I'm sure I have a pic somewhere of this Palais de Danse, must look.

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    Wow! This has been a fascinating thread to read!

    I'm currently getting back into dancing with swing jive, having seemingly forgotten all my ballroom (I'm sure it would come back with practice!), and I also have an interest in the history of local dances, cabaret and entertainment. It's been wonderful to see some great photos of long-gone venues and some great copies of the adverts - thanks to Stitcher in particular for some absolute gems!

    I've recently been trying to find out a bit more about the ballroom, now derelict, that is hidden away above what is known as The Old Contemptibles pub on Edmund Street. Prior to 1956, I think, this would have been the Albion Hotel. I'd love to find out if anyone has any memory of this place, if there were any dances held there, or whether it was simply for private functions in the hotel.

    Do any of you dance hall experts remember this venue?

    I'm gradually trawling thorugh these fascinating forums to dig out any clues, when I found this thread: I had already reopened an old thread in the pubs section, just in case any pub fans can remember anything:

    Thanks again for sharing all your wonderful dance hall stories!

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    Tower Ballroom

    I remember this well, in fact I did work there on relief as Catering Manager, I was the Catering Manager at the Locarno Ballroom, in Hurst Street, from 1966 to 1971, and started there in 1963.
    Nice memory!

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    Duncanblues I worked at Locarno 1964/1965. I remember a fellow called Peter who was in charge of the bars.

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    Len Goodman did 'The British Ballroom Story' on Thursday night on the TV and Tony's Ballroom in Birmingham was quoted and said it was themed in a middle eastern style and done out as a mosque with prayer mats hanging and with rooms named as Baghdad and Alcazar. Would this have been the original site of what was the Locarno?

    Tonys Ballroom.jpg

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    I remember going to Tony's Ballroom It was in Hurst Street but lower down than the Locarno.

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    This is what used to be the "Futurist" cinema.

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    Right Mickymoo. Think I drifted off onto the wrong street. Has the Locarno building gone then? Viv.

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    The Locarno building is still there,I think it's called "Oceano" now.... "Tony's Ballroom" used to be right next door to the Hippodrome,but has long been demolished !

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    Thanks for the reply, I think you are referring to Peter Barnes who was the Bar Supervisor, in the Tudor Club
    who was an assistant to the Bar Manager who was Bill Sellick and Barbara Filer! who she assisted!
    If you remember there was a bar called The Bali Hi which was managed by Tony Iremonger. The general Manager was Albert Archer
    my friend!
    What great days they were! Toni Bacciochi was his Assistant, a great guy ! who was for a time manager of the Gay Tower
    Where ha

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