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Sturdy Eliza of Phillips Street?

Discussion in 'Q - T' started by Aldea, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Aldea

    Aldea Brummie babby

    I was just wondering whether anyone ever knew of Eliza Sturdy nee Hayden? She lived at 73 Phillips Street in Aston from at least 1901 to around 1930. Her husband died in 1906 and she carried on in the family home. My grandfather remembered her as 'Old Eliza' and as she lived at the same place for quite a spell, I was hoping that someone might recall her.
  2. Pomgolian

    Pomgolian Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

    Marriages Jun 1881

    HAYDEN Eliza Aston 6d299
    STURDY John Aston 6d299

    1891 Census:
    Place: Aston -Warwickshire Enumeration District: 56
    Civil Parish: Aston Ecclesiastical Parish: St Clements
    Address: 3 Providence Place Church Rd

    STURDY John Head M M 36 Brass Castor(Em'ee) Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY Eliza Wife M F 31 Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY John Son - M 9 Scholar Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY William Son - M 8 Scholar Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY Harriet Dau - F 7 Scholar Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY Harry Son - M 6 Scholar Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY Albert Son - M 3 Warwickshire - Birmingham
    STURDY Frederick Son - M 1 Warwickshire - Birmingham

    Not sure if this is of any help....

    Pom :angel:
  3. gingerjon

    gingerjon master brummie

  4. Aldea

    Aldea Brummie babby

    Indeed that is her - I've traced her through to her death in 1930 so hoped that someone might actually remember her. It's funny how at of all the names you come across during the research, one person becomes such a focus of interest. There is no one in the family now who would have known her which is a pity.

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