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Opposite Lock Club

Discussion in 'Fun Fairs' started by the doc, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. the doc

    the doc Guest

    Does anyone remember the "Opposite Lock" Club ??

    It was on a canal in Birmingham on the Broad Street side of the city and you entered the club from the canal bank (Canal Street?).

    It was very lively place and the DJ was an avid Birmingham City FC fan who punctuated the evening's gyrations with "Keep Right On To The End OF The Road". From memory it was one pound for annual membership or 2/6d for visitors.

    It was there last time I looked 45 years ago but no doubt has long disappeared. Anyone know what happened to it ??
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  2. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Birmingham Night Clubs

    Yes Doc and was a Member of the Green Room happy days:)

    This is the page for night Clubs Doc



    I think it's now legs eleven.There is some info on this thread.


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  3. Brunetteandred

    Brunetteandred Brummie babby

    I had my 18th birthday party there' in 'Martin's Room' (the members room) in 1980. It was a fantastic club. My friend George, was a commis chef there (remember the bistro?) and the chef was Colin (I think). Frank was a bouncer. I met Kate Bush & 10CC there too! Happy, happy days.
  4. Vivienne14

    Vivienne14 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Was Martin's Room the place with the Chesterfield sofas and waiter service? I also remember there being a TV room where you could watch MOTD, full of blokes of course! Great club. Viv.
  5. G G Jean

    G G Jean Brummy Wench.

    Oh yes I remember it well. Jean.
  6. sylviasayers

    sylviasayers master brummie

    I spent many a happy night there in the mid 60s.
  7. carolina

    carolina master brummie

  8. Laurie

    Laurie knowlegable brummie

    Hope I'm doing this right as I'm a bit green at this lark.
    I was a resident musician at the Lock from 1973 to 1975 and martin Hone was my manager for a while. I notice on the poster that it mentions his agency which was called OLE!
    Anything I can help with information wise I'd be happy to do so.
    Be the first one on your block. Turn on to the Opposite Lock!
  9. Laurie

    Laurie knowlegable brummie

    Yes, Colin was the chef and Frank McLiddy managed the club. he also acted as the DJ calling himself Frankie Lee. Frank now is at the Tally Ho club, as was Colin, but he's gone now
  10. Laurie

    Laurie knowlegable brummie

    The room where you watched Match Of The Day was the Venus Room, up the stairs. next room along was Martin's Room with the sofas and waitress service. Barbara, Elaine, Janet and Betty. I'm shaking at the memories!
  11. Laurie

    Laurie knowlegable brummie

    The entrance to the Lock was up the steps at the bottom of Gas Street. It's a Legs 11 type of place now. The last time i was along the towpath, the old King Arthur's Court medaeival banqeting suite is now a chip shop. The DJ would have been Roger 'Our Man Harris'.
  12. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Sure was Viv:1024::MusicMarchingBand::1011:
  13. barryth1949

    barryth1949 proper brummie kid

    In 1966 I worked at Pauline Mayman`s the sports car and accessory shop in Broad St. I rememember a guy with a beard coming in to show us plans for a club he wanted to locate in an old building in Gas St. We thought he was mad...he wasn`t of course...He also bought us the motor race around the streets...Is Martin still around ?
  14. Laurie

    Laurie knowlegable brummie

    I last saw Martin about 6 or 7 years ago. He was running a company called International Festivals which organised car rallys all over the place. His office was at 42 Gas Street but then he moved the office over to Broome by Ragley Hall.
    He was also heavily involved with the church on the Parade, Spring Hill
  15. g1ygj

    g1ygj Born in Edgbaston.

    Just out of interest: http://8w.forix.com/bsp-66.html

    Martin Hone and other members of his family were very good customers at the tailoring shop in Hall Green where I worked during the mid 1960s.
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  16. Old & Grey

    Old & Grey master brummie

    Steady you know it's not good for your heart at your age :smug:

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