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Hawthorn Road Kingstanding

Discussion in 'Old & New Brum Pictures' started by lynnehart, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. lynnehart

    lynnehart proper brummie kid

  2. Pomgolian

    Pomgolian Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

    Great pic' Lynn and if it had been a few weeks earlier it could have been me. I had been staying with my sister who lives near The Golden Hind and we went to those shops a few time during my stay.

    Pom :angel:
  3. Peter Walker

    Peter Walker gone but not forgotten

    Anyone remember Gwynne's, the tobacconist and sweet shop, which might have been on the extreme left of the pic or just off it? Although I left Brum nearly 50 years ago, I still have memories many of those places, very different from what they are today. By a coincidence, about 20 years ago a chappie (truck driver spending the night away) came into our pub in Croydon, and as soon as we got talking it was obvious he came from Brum. And not long after that it transpired that he had been a paper boy working for Gwynnes in the 1960s, just after I had left. He knew a lot of our neighbours and my schoolmates.
    There's another very nice pic of Hawthorn Road shops in black and white on Keith Berry's excellent site.
  4. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    Great shot but not as nice as the shops used to look. We used to call in at Gwynne's for penny chews on our way to swim at Kingstanding Baths. It's such a small world isn't it. Thinking of the story about the fellow you met who was a paper boy at Gwynnes.
    Great also that you had a chance to visit those shops Pom on your visit earlier on.
  5. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Peter I got all my records for years at a shop called Taylor's
  6. mariew

    mariew master brummie

    It must have been a sirprise seeing yourself in the photo.
  7. izabellanne

    izabellanne master brummie

    Peter I got all my records for years at a shop called Taylor's

    The daughter of this shops owners, was in my class at Warren Farm School.. Norma Taylor.:)
  8. Eric Gibson

    Eric Gibson master brummie

    I did a paper round for Gwynnes and later for Kirtons and we bought our first TV and washing machine from Sweeneys which was a couple of doors down from Gwynnes.
    On the corner of Warren Farm Road there was Foster Brothers and on the opposite side of the road was a sweet shop called The Bijou. E.
  9. lynnehart

    lynnehart proper brummie kid

    I was amazed to see myself! I remember all these shops and more....I lived for the Gwynnes sale to get the half price Pippa doll outfits! Sunday evenings we went "window shopping" as a family - loved looking at all the things we couldn't afford. Nowadays you can go and look at all the metal shutters! It is a terrible shame because the shopping centre is quite bleak.....

    The only sweet shop I remember was The Cabin....... with my big penny, I couldn't reach the counter!
    My dad would buy me a box of Paynes peppermint creams every time I read a school book but he grew wise when I was reading a new book every two days!

    Littlewoods had a food department, Woolworths is still there, Boots, W J Taylor (the record booth was at the back), Wrensons, Wimbush, a row of Co-op shops, Leavers, Robinsons grocers, Williams the Furniture store, even a Dorothy Perkins!

    Was it Harry Kirton who was at Kirtons? I can still picture him! I hated going there because my dad could gossip for hours with him!!!!
  10. Eric Gibson

    Eric Gibson master brummie

    Billy Kirton, a former Villa player, owned it but he had a manager running it, don't know if he was related to Billy.
    Billy used to pop in most days.
    The Bijou sweet shop was the end shop on the left in Warren Farm Road next to the first house. But I'm older than you:).

    Paynes poppets? Not while the sweets were rationed. E.
  11. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Don't forget Thompsons (Aston) Butchers.

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