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dance halls

Discussion in 'Research Information & Discussion' started by wendyP, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. wendyP

    wendyP master brummie

    Does anyone remember a dance studios in the '60's somewhere in town called Bocker and Beckeridge? My friends went there but cant remember exactly here it was and its driving us all mad!
  2. MSGK

    MSGK Still a Brummie

    Hi Wendy, Not sure about that one , but I used to go to one in Perry Barr in the late 50s and early 60s . Called Enid Goodwins, used to be on Birchfield Road and then moved to Livington Road. Had some great fun there .Any one else been to that one ?

  3. mikejee

    mikejee Super Moderator Staff Member


    Bocker & Bettridge, school of dancing, Shaftesbury bldgs. 61 Station st 5.

  4. lencops

    lencops gone but not forgotten

    Bocker & Bettridge was in Station St above a restaurant, you went up some quite steep wooden stairs paid 2s/6d? i think, there was a large dance floor were they gave the dance lessons and off it was smaii refreshment area, tea, coffee, soft drinks & bottled beer, Mr. Bocker would take the medal lessons, bronze, silver & gold, Mrs. Bocker (nee Bettridge) took the entrance fee, i went there circa 1966, there was always a nice friendly lot of people there when i went on a Wednesday. Len.
  5. wendyP

    wendyP master brummie

    Hi Mike and Len,

    At last we know where B&B was. Thank you so much. I am new to the Forum but now I know that theres so much knowledge out there, I will ask more questions.
  6. mariew

    mariew master brummie

    Hello and welcome Wendy.
  7. wendyP

    wendyP master brummie

    Hi Mike

    Funny you mentioned Enid Goodwins. We had some friends round last night and they are ex Brummies living here in Suffolk. They were trying to remember the name of the dance they went to on Birchfield Road and now you have just supplied it! I will pass it on. Thank you.
  8. BazzM

    BazzM master brummie

    Welcome WendyP. There is so much to see and do on this forum. You will love it. Barry.
  9. wendyP

    wendyP master brummie

    Thank you Barry, I already do love it.
  10. Hi everyone, I apologise for cutting in but I'm wondering if any of you could help me. I have exhausted myself on Google but cannot find any references to any famous Birmingham dance halls around in the 1930s-1940s. I am attempting to write a book you see about Birmingham around the Second World War and I'd like all the information I can get about small details so my writing seems fluid if you know what I mean. If you could help me I would be very much appreciated. I've gotten loads of information off this site already.

    Thank you very much :)
  11. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    Hi Natalie-Layton: Welcome to the forum. I would think a trip to the Birmingham Main Library would give you some leads on the main dance halls in Birmingham for the years you are researching. There are some references on this forum of members memories from such dance halls as Grand Casino Ballroom which was on Corporation Street, Amies Dance Academy on Chain Walk in Aston. I know of the Albert Hall in Witton Road, Aston, The Palais de Danse...not sure where that was. The Tower Ballroom, Edgbaston, Tony's Ballroom,Hurst Street owned by the Kirsch family, the West End Ballroom,
    the Ritz Ballroom, Birmingham.
    Members of this forum may know of others. Good luck with your research.
  12. lindev

    lindev master brummie

    I have mentioned The Madam Amies before on another thread, it was in chain walk lozells, i used to go there when Sally was the teacher and a guy name Charlie, did any one else learn to dance there,
  13. davidfowler

    davidfowler Exiled Brummie

    Got my Bronze at B & B in the 60's.:cool:
  14. Ray Barrett


    Smaller but just has important,(my parents met there:rolleyes:)
    The Memorial hall, Whitehouse St.Aston.and a place called Stevo's in Newtown Row.
  15. jennyann

    jennyann master brummie Staff Member

    You can search Madam Amies, Chain Walk in the Search on the menu above.
    Several members of this forum and their siblings learned to dance there including myself.
  16. lindev

    lindev master brummie

    Thank you Jennyann, will take a look now to see what i can find out, but noone seems to have had sally who taught us the danceing, i know i havent imagined it because i named my daughter after her, ill keep on asking someone might remember her,
  17. paul stacey

    paul stacey master brummie

    hi all
    This isn't a dance hall question but does any one remember the name of a cinema in the Bristol Road not the Bristol, but it was half way down the Horse Fare I think, it had a cafe or resturaunt above it with a duke box which had a sort of TV on it???????? not far from Bristol Street motors.
  18. snoker

    snoker knowlegable brummie

    Hi Paul

    The location would fit the 'Cinephone' which showed a lot of foreign films.

    I remember seeing The Wages of Fear there (in French).

    That must of been in the fifties - when the Goons did 'The Fear of Wages'!
  19. dav19390

    dav19390 master brummie

    I remember the Cinephone and the up-market French-style coffee shop upstairs. It was waitress service and quite the in-place to take a girl-friend to impress in the 50's.
    A group of us lads went in one evening and when the waitress took our order one of us pointed to the pictures in the menu and said "I'll have a lump of that cake" to which she replied "You mean a portion of that gateau, sir!"

    We never took him back there after that.
  20. bramwell

    bramwell master brummie

    The Palais De Dance was in Monument Rd I think it was used for food storage during the war.and I guess most of the dance halls were closed to help the war effort., then they started using swimming baths & school halls for dances. I went to Woodcock St baths Moorpool Hall & Burbury St & Upper Sutton St Schools.


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