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Bomb Pecks

Discussion in 'History' started by sylviasayers, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. sylviasayers

    sylviasayers master brummie

    Hi John,

    I remember the bomb peck between Wilkinson Street and Miller Street, the Germans must have been aiming for Millers and the factories in Bracebridge Street and Aston Brook Street.

    We played there many times, I wonder if there was a factory on that site as we discovered lots of objects that looked like cuff links, one side was
    coloured enamel and the other had the word "gilt" stamped on it. In our
    ignorance we confused gilt with guilt and thought the police would be after
    us if we took them home!!!

    There were also bomb pecks in New Street on both sides of the road, and
    also in Whitehouse Street, a friend of mine was staying with her grandma
    in Alma Street and although only about 3 years old remembers her gran
    carrying her to the shelter when the bomb fell as it was just behind their house.
  2. Oisin

    Oisin master brummie

    :shock: Er... does anyone know why were these bomb sites/bomb craters were known as 'pecks'?
  3. Oisin

    Oisin master brummie

    Thanks everyone. :lol: At last I can rest easy in my bed at night again. :roll:

    Sweet dreams all Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! :wink:
  4. Luckyjo

    Luckyjo Guest

    Bomb Peck

    Our favourite past time as kids was playing on the bombed peck which was next to the park and almost opposite St Annes school in Devon St. it still had bombed buildings on part of it. I presume the Germans target was the gas works a few hundred yards down the road.
    Funny as kids you never questioned why is was called the Bomb peck!
  5. Rod

    Rod Guest

    Bomb Peck

    I too played on what we called Bomb Pecks, I know though that some the house and building remains were due to the demolition process rather than bomb damage. Funnily enough they sometimes became the sites of wars between rival schoolboy gangs, all played out very seriously at the time, but looking back, what fun :lol: It's a real wonder we wern't maimed for life by the use of heavy ammo(HOUSE BRICKS) :roll: Whatever the word peck meant originally, to me it meant an adventure playground.
  6. BazzM

    BazzM master brummie

    Bomb Pecks.

    Just to add to the bomb peck discussion. When I was a lad living in Queens Tower in Nechells, we called any bit of old demolished and dormant land a bomb peck. There was one right over the road from Queens Tower, next to the side of Loxton Street School, and I spent many happy hours there, doing daft ladish things like catching butterflys, playing hide-and-seek, and starting your own fires up against the school wall etc. Until the local policeman would come around the corner and catch you red handed, and administered his own form of instant justice ( normally a clip round the ear ), with the threat that if it ever happened again, he would take me home and tell my parents. Boy, did that have an effect? Anyway, great times in a great place, thanks for the memories.
  7. Chrissy

    Chrissy Guest

    We had a bomb peck over the road from where we use to live. In between Charles Arthur street, Nechells and Rocky Lane. I have recently been informed it was not bombed but houses that were dimolished by mistake. How true this is, I am not sure, any one know of this?
    A block of high rise flates were built up the one end and the Prince Rupert Pub the other.
    On the bomb peck we use to gather fire wood for guy fawkes night, it got bigger and bigger each year. Lots of fun for all the kids, not so sure if the people in the falts thought it was fun. Not sure if the block of flats were called Camrose Tower?
  8. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Do you remember the wood yard Milton Street
  9. GER22VAN

    GER22VAN master brummie

    In " Our " world around the Coleman Street area they were know as Bomb Peck. l heard of a sad story of a man who refused to go to the Air Raid shelter and one night his house had a direct hit , this was on the corner of Lupin Street and Willis Street,he may have lived in the corner shop that once stood there. Only pleased that l found this out after we had stopped playing on there otherwise l may have been spooked out. If all will forgive me for saying so. Why did we play on the peck ?
    it was the only place we could dig holes to play our marble games.
  10. Alf

    Alf Our Resident Diplomat

    Do you remember the Wood Yard Earp :)
  11. loisand

    loisand master brummie

    Hi my hubby keeps going on about the bomb pecks around devonshire street and york terrace, talking about york terrace has anyone got any old photos of the back to back houses in york terrace, he used to live at 1 back of 7, myself had never heard of bomb pecks until he was going on about them the other week, it seems you all used to have alot of fun on them, fantastic site!!!!!
  12. O.C.

    O.C. Guest

    Did you know the Chatins or Chatwins lived on the edge of the peck in Charles Arthur Street
    we were so poor we did not have any cups but drank out of jamjars
    Happy Times all the same
  13. GER22VAN

    GER22VAN master brummie

    EARP  l guess we probably called Demolishion sites " Bomb Pecks" as well, l think for me it was just a term that was used and did not give it much thought as to being caused by a bomb at the time. l remember using the old bricks lying around to make "Dens", these had openings on the outer walls as windows and was one huge complex that grew and grew untill we ran out of land or bricks,the top was covered with anything that would make a roof and they must have been about a metre high. Who else had a building set as realistic as that to play with ?
  14. Chrissy

    Chrissy Guest

    I cant remeber the wood yard, but i can remember the scrap yard which i use to take the old grates which i had taken out the houses that were to be demolished, i use to get a tannar for each one. I remember two shops Arthurs and Dikes or Dykes. There was an out door around the corner facing the scrap yard. BRS was at the back of our house across the road. Our neighbour were Waddon, Davis at at the end was an old lady cant remember her name but she was nice and smelt of mint.
  15. GER22VAN

    GER22VAN master brummie

    EARP. Got any of those grates today ? Worth more than a tannar today.
    When l think of the things as rubbish of days gone by, l wish l had a bigger shed and store it all in for a rainy day. then on the other hand there were too many rainy days so l would'nt have anything left anyway.
  16. Chrissy

    Chrissy Guest

    my mum and dad always said "where's thers muck there's money" should have been a scrap dealer instead of a health care worker :angel:
  17. Chrissy

    Chrissy Guest

    Cromwell. I didn't know the Chatins or Chatwins but I remember us drinking out of a jam jar and my baby sister sucking tea out of an old Camp Coffee bottle with a teat stuck on the top. This is what improvisation is all about when it gets tough. I was born in our house at Charles Arthur St in 1955 we moved out when the houses were being demolished for the new housing estate. We lived opposite the Prince Rupert Pub. Me and my brother has great times playing on the Peck. Another thing I use to do was go to Camrose Tower, the block of flates at the top of the street. I would go through the huge bin cupboard; the caretaker would place magazine which included comics, old toys ect that the tennants had left out side their flat because they would not go down the shoot. It was like an Aladins cave.
  18. silhouette53

    silhouette53 master brummie

    Previous posters are correct, I think, in saying that any area of demolition was called a 'bomb peck' regardless of whether the Jerrys were responsible for it or not !!

    I fondly remember playing on the bomb peck(s)  off Alma Street.  Asylum Road ?? I think was one area we kids played on in the late fifties/early sixties.  I remember some of us hiding behind an old galvanised bath while the rest 'bombed' it with bricks and stones.  Yes, its a wonder more of us weren't seriously injured in some of the 'games' we played !!

    I remember playing on the building site of what was to become Six Ways underpass too.

    I grew up in William Street but driving through the Six Ways / Lozells area now just fills me with total sadness to see what has become of it all.  Its so depressing - I feel like an outcast in the area I was born and raised in.  At least they can't take away the memories, And you know what ?  I wouldn't change one minute of it.
  19. O.C.

    O.C. Guest

    I was born in '44 by that time Ma had lost a baby and 3 homes in the Blitz dad had been buried alive twice
    Dad died when I was 4 and spent some time in Erdington Cottage Home after Ma had a breakdown but she fetched us out when she found out we where bound for Australia to start a new life.
    We had it rough bought up on lard or suger sandwiches Ma scrubbed other people house out to feed us and had it rough trying to raise us( 4 kids ) on her own with no help from anyone. I had ricketts and was sent to Gem street for Sun Ray treatment when all I needed looking back was a good meal.
    I wore Daily Mail Boots and use to go to the Lord Mayors Xmas party at the Civic Hall (I think, Next to theTown Hall) the outings I use to go on were from Seven Street to Manor Farm which was only a few mile away but to us it was like the seaside. But you know what I would not have changed a thing as I grew up loved and happy.The Bomb Peck were paradise where you could be John Wayne, Sitting Bull or Flash Gordon, its something the kids of today have not got.
    We played with Guns, bow and arrows (with milk bottle stoppers bent over as tips) choppers,knives and had Ducker(House Brick) fights, am I a violent person NO I have never hit anyone in my life with the first blow.
    And the kids today are told dont play with guns etc it makes them violent What Poppy cock
  20. Chrissy

    Chrissy Guest

    Cromwell. My mum was in Erdington Cottages (children's home) for a short while before going into service at a house in Sutton. Her name was Hilda Kelly. she had bright red hair. I think she might have been in her early to mid teens while she was there.

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