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Birmingham Pub Bombings

Discussion in 'Research Information & Discussion' started by BryanTurner, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. BryanTurner

    BryanTurner Guest

    Hi all, I'm new to the boards, so deepest apologies if i've posted this thread in the wrong forum!

    Basically I'm a second year university student, having lived in Birmingham until the age of 18. I'm studying Screenwriting at Southampton Solent university and our latest module is docudrama - where we should produce a peice that we feel passionatley about.

    I have decided to do a docu-drama about the Birmingham Pub Bombings of 1974. Although I wasn't even born when these events took place, I've heard all the stories from my dad, and have realised that it's still an important part of our local history. After all it was the biggest terrorist attack on homeland prior to 7/7.

    I have always felt that the events of that day, and the traumourm that those who were injured or those that lost loves one that day went through, was overshadowed by the controversy of the Birmingham six, and for my docu-drama want to keep it about the victims of that terrible November night, and how their lives were changed forever by it.

    I've done some research into this already, having gathered over 100 pages of internet research, i've also watched a few documentaries on the events of that day. As i'm currently in Southampton the libraries down here don't have much on the topic, and a search on the website catalouge of Birmingham libaries doesn't show much on the subject (how suprising is that!?)

    So basically my question to you all is whether or not you can help me with my research, by giving my some advice on where to go next to further look into this topic, as I really feel that it should be written as accurately and honestly as possible.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply!
  2. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

  3. BryanTurner

    BryanTurner Guest

    I have noticed that the BBC did a documentary 30 Years On: The Birmingham Pub Bombings.

    Has anyone got a copy of this that they would be willing to lend me to watch? I would obviously return it to you after watching.

    I'm suprised Birmingham Library doesn't have an archive copy of it.
  4. ragga

    ragga master brummie

    I recall the Documentary made by the BBC ......... ragga :)
    Does this short clip help ??

    [ame="http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2VL_5y8R8Gk"]YouTube - IRA atrocities - The Birmingham Pub Bombings[/ame]
  5. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    Thanks ragga.......phew that certainly bought back the memories of that awful night!
  6. Alan Tucker

    Alan Tucker master brummie

    In Heritage and Local Studies, Birmingham Reference Library, you will find files of press cuttings from the time.
  7. Icarus

    Icarus Ancient Brummie

    It would aid you to contact a survivor of the bombings or a member of the emergency services involved at the scene.

    I recall that one of the forum members claimed to be a survivor on that night, but not sure if he's still an active member.
  8. Mossy

    Mossy Guest

    It was Les (Kandor) he is no longer a member
  9. guvnor

    guvnor Guest

    Hi everyone,
    Have just re-read Chris Mullin's "Error of Judgement" and re-watched ITV's 1990 World in Action report, "Who Bombed Birmingham" in which the producers name the actual bombers..in the programme the producers allude to a police report dated 1975 that names the real bombers, in effect clearing the B'ham6 but ignored by the authorities because of reasons best known to them.
    Have searched high and low for an online copy of this report but no luck,
    anyone out there have any suggestions ?
    Many thanx
  10. Langstraat

    Langstraat Guest

  11. guvnor

    guvnor Guest

    Cheers Langstaad,
    Have seen both links previously, do you know of any links to police reaction to World in Action report ?
    Was anyone disciplined ?
  12. Langstraat

    Langstraat Guest

    I may be wrong but I believe the Police Officer involved took early retirement before the report was published.
  13. ChrisJF

    ChrisJF Guest

    I remember that night well. I was 18 and had been at night school in Kingstanding. Myself and a friend would have normally gone into town and into the Tavern after classes had finished before splitting up to get our respective buses. On that night however the bus was late and so when we got into town we decided to skip the drink.
    I remember hearing the first bomb go off as I got on the bus down in Bull St, it sounded like a large empty skip being dropped from height and echoing between the buildings.
    I didn't think much of it until I got home and found my mom distraught with worry as she had by then heard about the bombs and knew that I and my brother were both in town.
    My friend went to catch his bus in New St and was looking in HMV window next to the Tavern when the bomb went off. He was blown back across the road. My brother was in Boggart's night club further up the road and felt the whole room shake as the bombs went off. A lucky escape for all of us. If that bus had been on time, I probably wouldn't be here now.
  14. jim s-w

    jim s-w Brummie babby

    Hi All

    Is there a society for the victims of the Birmingham pub Bombings? The reason I ask is I am building a model of Birmingham New Street set during 1986/87 and I was planning to model the Rotunda and the Mulberry Bush pub below it. My plan is to copy the memorial plaque and mount it on the front of my model as my own memorial. Obviously I wont do this if it causes offence. So how do I check?


  15. jim s-w

    jim s-w Brummie babby

    Hi All

    Anyone able to link me to a victim group for this. Also I am looking for the date the Mulberry Bush closed along with a picture of it in its normal, every day state.

    Best regards

  16. col h

    col h master brummie

    I'm pretty sure theres a pic of King Kong on the forum somewhere with a clear view of the mulberry bush in the background.

    And another of a midland red bus with it in view as well if that helps, good luck
  17. Phil

    Phil Retired Layabout

    Hi Jim

    Is this any good to you, I don't know if it was before or after the event. I hope it can be of some use to you. I will look to see if I can find any more. I have others that were taken on that terrible night but I am not going to post those because obviously would be of little use to you.


  18. Pedrocut

    Pedrocut master brummie

  19. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    hi guvenor
    just read your thread where you stated the producers named the bombers
    from my recollection nor the mp involved never did named the bombers to producers of
    the media ; i watch that programe and they never apprended the bombers either
    and the chaps they caught on the train was the wrong guys they was decent hard working folk on there
    way to a funeral but the real bombers was still here in hiding and still are rubbing shoulders with us
    the authorises today have learnt alot and are very highly aware of such people around today
    despite warng from the goverment and the police to joe public askingus to be viligient
    most people do not remember after afew days of it being mentioned on the news or in the papers
    and forget it it people was permantly vilient it would be safer for us all
    even with todays warnings with our strifes in the world you have got to be viliegent
    have a nice day guys and remember keep them peeled Astonian ;;;
  20. jim s-w

    jim s-w Brummie babby

    Thank you Phil

    That is just perfect. Another question if I may, does anyone know when the Mulberry Bush closed? I am sure I have read an article that mentioned it and what happened to it afterwards but I can't for the life of me find it! After it closed I am sure it remained a pub under a different name and I have a vague memory of seeing carlesburg logo's there. Which I thought a tad odd as the Rotunda above it had Castlemain XXXX logos around the base.

    Best regards


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