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Alum Rock Rd - Ward End area

Discussion in 'Help, advice, tips and tricks!' started by Pomgolian, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Pomgolian

    Pomgolian Kiwi Brummie Admin' Team

    :D I have just checked this site out and found it to have some great Photo's of this area today 8) . Dave takes time out to walk around the area taking the photo's - Great for us Ex pats. 8)  :)
  2. Rod

    Rod Guest

    Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    Wat a cracking selection of pictures Pom
  3. Di.Poppitt

    Di.Poppitt master brummie

    Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    Great photo's, thanks Pom. Did you notice the weather? It was a lovely day on Friday. :D
  4. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    What memories,when I first married 43 years agoI lived opposite 243 Washwood Heath road and the police station.My 1st husband was a bus driver on the 56 and when his bus stopped at the stop in the picture he would give our son a wave.No fancy bus shelter in those days.My present husband went to Anthony road school ,now called Shawhill.I remember the Manor house pub when it was the Bulls Head.
  5. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    I loved the pictures on that site.

    I was christened in St Marks Church back in 1964. My grandparents lived on Harts Road, not so very far away from the church if my memory serves me correct.

    I also have some vague memories of The Rock Public House. I seem to remember my parents taking me there at some point (I think it was run by friends of my father at the time).

    Haven't been to Birmingham since the 1970's and never actually lived there, but I always seem to feel that it is home. I guess that is because so many of my relatives still live there now.
  6. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    Re: Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    My husband lived in Ralph Road and went to Anthony Road School in the 50's
  7. Rupert

    Rupert master brummie

    Re: Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    Yes Pom what a wonderful assembly of pictures. Well remember the area having gone to school at Leigh Road. St, Marks, the railway bridge, the police station, the hardware store by the police station and the junction of Wright Road, Malthouse Lane and Aston Church. Towards town at that junction there was a barbers shop where I used to get my hair cut. Can't think of the name right away but it will come to me.
    Most mornings, after I started work, would find me at that junction waiting for a chance to cross Washwood Heath Road and go speeding down Aston Church on my bicycle en-route to the drawing office. From the photo's that corner does not seem to have changed much except that the shops on the S/W corner seem to be gone. Wrights news agents was the main shop there. Just up Malthouse lane a bit was, I believe an Outdoor, right on the bend. The goal keeper of our junior school soccer team used to live there. If I remember correctly his name was Billy Willis. What a player.
    I can't say that I remember those years fondly though, well not all of the time, life was often a bit of a struggle. Two wars had decimated the country and there was only a declining infrastructure left. You always remember your formative years though for better or not so.
  8. Trebor

    Trebor master brummie

    Hello Sheila, I noticed you once lived in George Arthur Rd, my husband lived at number 24 until we married 43 years ago, his name is Robert Jenkins, he went to St Saviour's and Leigh Rd schools, it's nice to see a link on the site about Alum Rock.

    Rita (trebor)
  9. Alberta

    Alberta Super Moderator Staff Member

    Re: Alum Rock Rd - Wardend area

    Rupert,I lived opposite the policestation in a flat owned by Ernie Lucas who had the hardware shop next to the station.

    The barbers shop was split in two one half a barbers and the other a gentlemans outfitters and you could walk between the two shops.I think the father ran the barbers and the son ran the gents outfitters.

    I remember the little outdoor in Malthouse lane,which I visited to get my bottles of M&B Light ale.

    My husband and perhaps all of you who were children in Saltley learned to swim at George Arthur baths.
  10. Rupert

    Rupert master brummie

    That's exactly right Alberta. I think the barber/outfitters name was Young. Yes.. Bert Young..a good angler, he used to fish with the Cross Guns Pub club further along Washwood Heath Road. My older pal Dave's dad was in the same club. The tram stop into town was right outside the police station. Sometimes when I went to school we woukl play marbles in the gutter all the way down Wright Road, cross over Washwood Heath and then all the way along Washwood Heath to Leigh Road and down to school. There were big wheeled carts in those days pulled by big shires. Not many cars.
    You know we were not rich but the area was definitely respectable.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2007
  11. modgee

    modgee master brummie

    My father was born in Malthouse Lane. My family also had connections with Wright Road and Shaw Hill. I used to live in Alum Rock during the early 60's. My dad is 85 now and would love to see some photos of how the area used to look, but I havn't been able to find any pics on the web. Does anyone know where I can find some onfo on that area?

    Researching RHODES family of Saltley
  12. Kandor

    Kandor Guest

    All I'll say is there's some right pond life living around those areas right now..
    Coincidently I've been working all around those places this week doing forced entries on properties that had refused mandatory gas safety checks.
    So you dont think this is a racist thing Asians etc are usually brilliant at letting us in to do these things but...well, from Monday on, I've found properties that have been totally trashed by tenants, Boilers removed off the wall then claiming Burglars have stolen it..(yeah right)
    Yesterday I found a complete flat dedicated to growing Cannabis...the place had a beautiful smell too.
    half are 'Dole drops' with letters to 10 different names in the flat (dont worry, I pass them over to the authorities)
    Some are being sublet to as many as 6 other people, lots are abusive, lots are physically threatening...all in a days work in the modern inner city...
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2007
  13. Rupert

    Rupert master brummie

    Some years ago I read on the web that this area was the most depressed area in Britain. It came as a bit of a shock at the time. It's a service industry society now. Working at making things it seems is not a good idea.
  14. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    My husband grew up in Ralph Road apparently there was a club there he used to have to call his Dad for dinner through the door. We went there a couple of years ago to take some photo's of a house for a lady in Australia, a young Asian guy shouted at us what are you doing. My husband said "whats it got to do with you" I said to the lad its just family history photo's, he was fine then. My husband also works in these areas and is a bit more street wise than me. The graveyard at St Savior's is a disgace but not suprising. I can't imagine it has much of a congregation.
  15. Astonian

    Astonian master brummie

    Thats Been A Disgrace Since The 1950,s
    If Not Before When I Was A Young Whipper Snapper ,
    Have A Nice Day Astonian .;;;;


    Birmingham 8

    What wonderful memories these postings have stirred.
    My uncle Paddy Twittey had a driving school up "the Rock", I was born in Cranby Street, went to St Saviours, then Leigh Road when we moved to live in Warren Road. I have swam in the baths in George Arthur Rd, my aunt lived opposite, and the boating lake in Ward End Park. "get off that island" from the Parky, Long Tom, when we ran our canoes aground.
    Could go on for ever, thanks to all who have posted here, especially the photographs.
    Best wishes to all,
  17. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    Ward End

    This is Cock Sparrow Hall, St Margarets Road, Ward End. 1933.
  18. charmaine

    charmaine Guest


    I was raised from the age of 4 at Bromford housing estate near erdington and the rock, i grew up going to the rock on the number 26 bus. How the rock has changed i do like it still but feel i am in little india i am not complaining the people seem very helpful and kind, its a glimps into what real india must be like there is a real community feel to it, something we have lost i think. My father moved to the rock 14 years ago and only lived there for 7 weeks but then sadly died of a stroke, so the rock hold many good memories for me and some sad ones. Anyone who remembers the old rock or would like to comment on the up to date rock please feel free to contact me via this site. Charmaine.
  19. Les

    Les master brummie

    My Dad Les Linnecor used to live at 17 Malthouse Lane in the30's and 40's. Wonder if they know each other?
  20. Les

    Les master brummie

    Malthouse Lane

    Does anyone remember a mill in Malthouse Lane Washwood Heath.
    I believe it was called Highfield Mill and can rember the ruins in the early1950's before Malthouse Lane was redeveloped.

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