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Aug 4, 2002
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master brummie

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Jul 17, 2018 at 8:10 PM
    1. sylviasayers
      Hi Glen, sorry I don't know your mother, she is older than me. If your mother is well enough she might like to know we have a Annual Reunion for Burlington/Upper Thomas Street Schools. The next one is on Sunday, 7th July 2013 at Aston Manor Cricket Club from 7.30 p.m.
    2. Glen13
      Hi Sylvia thanks for replying her name was beryl marlow and her sister was Alice mom is 80 this year, she went to burlington street ,we also lived in upper Webster street ,upper Sutton street .
    3. sylviasayers
      Hi Glen,
      I'm sorry I haven't any photos of the Retreat although I remember it very well. What is your mother's name, I might remember her.
    4. Glen13
      Hi sylvia wandered if you have any photos of the retreat in Aston . As my mom was born at no 5 . I saw your comments about it . Thanks Glen 13
    5. Patty
      Hi Sylvia, got the photo's thanks, I haven't had a go at downloading photo with the new way on here yet,it sounds a bit hard to me ,but when I get time I will give it a go and put your photo's on, if I cant I will put them on the b'ham page on Face book that is easier. Brought back a lot of great memories seeing those, did Ray have the shop on the front after the one in the precinct before?
    6. ando127
      Hi Sylvia. I saw on the forum that you remember my father Conrad at the Hockley Woodworkers Aston.
      Would you have any other memories of the shop and my father.
      Many thanks.
    7. G G Jean
      G G Jean
      Hi Sylvia have found the thread and post. It is on todays posts. Hope you are well from Jean.
    8. Raymond Brian Hadley
      Raymond Brian Hadley
      The Goodenough link is worth pursuing. One of my Goodenoughs was married to Mary Ann Glossop, sister of George Chief Constable of B'ham. David Goodenough, Canada, is following a thread linking B'ham Goodenoughs via Dorchester Oxfordshire to Bishop of Wells and also first Governor of Australia.

    9. Raymond Brian Hadley
      Raymond Brian Hadley
      Dont have Fanny Goodenough but Fanny could be nickname. Any more details: date of birth, fathers's name?

      Ray Hadley
    10. G G Jean
      G G Jean
      Morning Sylvia. If you take a look on the Marie Wigley thread you can see Frank and Gishes house in the backgraound. Take care. Jean.
    11. village
      Thanks for your help. Sam died in 1989, I have heard the name Sylvia mentioned and its also the right age, so my search is over. I wonder if theres a photo of her for my memories,. If she had children I would be an uncle of sorts. Its a shame I missed her, (missed Sam as well) Thanks again regards Village.
    12. village
      Thanks for your message, Sam died in 1989, (missed him to). I have heard Sylvia's name mentioned and it is the right age so thats good. I wonder if there's a photo of her for my memories. Please contact me with all infomation, most appreciated. Regards Roger. I suppose if she had children I would be an uncle?
    13. sylviasayers
      Hi Miriam, it was a long shot, so many years ago, I can't remember the number my relations lived at, the No.172 comes to mind but I could be way off the mark.
      Thanks for replying. Sylvia
    14. MiriamB
      Hello Silvia, I was excited at getting your post. We lived at 187 Chingford Road and it was a very long road. Off hand I can't remember any of the names you mention - I lived there until about 20 years. Remember names of: Rudd. Austin. Pike. Skinner. Danials. Pinder [he became one of the Moody Blues] My name was Hemus. There maybe more. Miriam.
    15. G G Jean
      G G Jean
      Hi Sylvia how are you keeping?. I have not seen Ken Hillier for a while [Bill Eggisons relative] so have not been given the photo's to put on the forum. He won't leave them with anyone and I don't blame him as they are precious memories. Take care. Jean.
    16. G G Jean
      G G Jean
      Hi Sylva Lyn post on a thread and there is a photo of Lathoms Aston Cross. Can't remember which thread now though. It may be Lichfield road or the Aston photo's thread. Bye. Jean.
    17. G G Jean
      G G Jean
      Hi Sylvia do you remember the Hillier family next door to the Eggisons?. I have heard they were related. I still have to borrow the old photo's off Ken Hillier. He was related to the Eggisons. Bye. Jean.
    18. Patty
      No Sylvia, I got it fine thanks, I was just thinking of all the girls I knew at rays starting at the shop above the news agents, there was Yan and a blonde bossy girl was it, cant think I know she married a younger fellow named Clive, she was always talking about him, then we moved over the way next to sainsbury's, she moved with us and there was another girl, she had a little boy and was with a guy called Ray, just remembered Jackie Bull she came across with us. Just thought the first girl was Pat, i remember know because I had to be called Trish. Then there was David, he came to work for Ray but I taught him Ladies and he did very well. He lives just up the road from me know. Ask Ray if he remember the day David came in and he had been on a sun bed, we had to take him to hospital he had 3rd degree burns. And I remember Fridays Ray used to treat us to a bottle of sherry. I don't know if I drunk it as I hated the stuff I was a Brandy drinker. Do you recall Dot who used to shampoo, Irish women, big mouth, and her friends that used to come in and i did their hair, one was called Rita and cant think of the other ones name. We had some laughs there. One of dots friends was James Mcdaids sister, the b'ham bomber, the one who blew himself up, we didn't know and she brought her in to ( the sister) on the morning of his funeral to have her hair done, I think this friend of dots daughter came to work at rays. I could go on all day with things you think about. Happy days at work anyway Sylvia
    19. Patty
      Forgot to say I spoke to Joyce the other day, Ray seem to be on the mend, just his balance he is having a bit of a problem with
    20. Patty
      Sylvia, i do remember Irene, I went out with her one night and she came back to mine to stay the night, I woke up in the night and Robert wasn't in bed, I got up and heard a sound coming from the spare room and found Robert in a compromising position with her. It done me a favour really as I found out that night I wasn't even bothered I'd had enough, I didn't even cry. I gave me the strength to go through with a divorce and I sited her as she felt that awful she agreed to be named. So some good came out of it
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