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  1. Jayell
    Jayell paul stacey
    Hi Paul, we spoke some time ago re the photo I put on of the VE Day party in Vicarage Road 1945. Your Auntie - Mrs Stacey was there, and her daughters. I'm trying to make a list of people on the photo. I already have some but if you still have the photo can you tell me any other names? I can forward it to you again if you don't have it. My email address is paljude@hotmail.com. Thanks very much. Judy
  2. therealraymondo
    Slow . . . very slow
  3. Tania41
    Salisbury Transmissions 1967-1978 Dermot Kehoe
  4. Tania41
    Salisbury Transmission 167 - 1978
  5. Tania41
    My fathers daughter
  6. norfolk brummie
    norfolk brummie Andy Jervis
    Hi Andy,
    This is probably the best way to make contact with each other, and yet keep our contact details private. You can initially email me at the following: e78haynes@btinternet.com

    Look forward to receiving your email, and we can take it from there.

    Warmest regards, old friend
  7. simasterb
    simasterb sospiri
    Hi, i read your reply to a post about bigamy recently - you said (I've checked all 134 bigamy cases for reported in 1953) - i am also trying to trace my ancestors and some bigamy which would of been in Birmingham newspaper from 1951 up to 1953. But like you say Birmingham newspapers are not online past 1950 so i am struggling. How would i be able to look at bigamy cases say for 1951 - 53 ? any help much appreciated
  8. PGHTP
    PGHTP Eric Gibson
    Hello Eric,
    I was interested to read somewhere that you worked for my Grandfather Herbert Pollitt, I would be really pleased to hear more if you have time, regards, Nick Pollitt.
  9. Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson Vinny
    Hi Vinny. should you need to contact me, my mobile number is : 07830365601
  10. blessed
    Tried sending a question important to me, containing more than 140 characters. Ah well!
  11. aggie2347
    aggie2347 Davenport
    Hi Davenport I would be interested in the pictures for posting on Birmingham Fire. aggieweston@gmail.com Thanking you in anticipation. Ken W
  12. Mark Ganley
    Mark Ganley
    It's a Ganley thing
  13. Marzzies
    Marzzies Shera
    Shera do you know anything about kalamazoo metal signals and what they did?
  14. roncrutchley@gmail.
    roncrutchley@gmail. Astonian
    HI Astonian Ron Crutchley here its been a long time since we have seen each other would like to hear from you
  15. Marzzies
    Marzzies jennyann
    Hello Jennyann
    Can you answer this question please?
    Do the what Kalamazoo Metal Signals were?
    I found a box of 100.
    I know its something to do with office accounts and the like.
    But what exactly? there 'fiddly little' things?

    Yours sincerely David Marsden.
  16. Marzzies
    Marzzies Alf
    Hi Alf, do you know what 'Kalamazoo Metal Signals were'?'
  17. BazzM
    BazzM Astonian
    Morning Alan. As its been quite a while i thought i would just drop you a note to see how you are? I hope everyone is alright. Im still working away at Glasgow Airport, thats 22 years there now Time certainly flies by doesnt it? Well mate i hope to hear from you again soon, so for now, take care.
  18. maz_beth
    Sorry for not posting much for years, bit more time recently
  19. les barrett
    les barrett
    Married to meg
  20. templartyler
    templartyler Charlie
    Just been viewing Lodge Rd ...the Flat etc ...fascinating.... would value sharing more detail...as & when..... feel free to use FaceBook : RAEvans28 [ FB ..anathema to some] or alan_evansmail@yahoo.co.uk......All the best to you & yours. Al.